Linda Pevnick – Psychotherapy in St. Louis, Missouri

Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy


On-Going Group Psychotherapy for Adults

Group psychotherapy can be an amazing way to work out difficulties you are having achieving the happiness and contentment that you deserve. You can use group psychotherapy as your sole form of therapy or as an adjunct to individual therapy that you pursue with me or with another practitioner.

Group therapy lasts 90 minutes and will involve 4 to 10 members. It is particularly useful for people experiencing depression, anxiety, or difficulties with relationships. Group psychotherapy offers many benefits.

In group therapy you will:

  • Experience validation and support;
  • Learn that you are not alone in your struggle to work out difficulties; Learn to feel good about yourself and to have a “voice”;
  • Improve the way you relate to others;
  • Reduce isolation;
  • Provides a small “community” of people who care about you.

Group therapy will be ongoing, meeting weekly. Members are asked to make a 6 week commitment to start to see if group is the right fit. Members continue in group on a weekly ongoing basis while working on individual goals.

Please call for a free in-person consultation to see how group therapy can help you or contact me to get started.