Private Practice Development

Private Practice Development and Marketing


Doing psychotherapy can be so rewarding, but, is also such a solitary pursuit. Often, mental health professionals can find that they feel stuck with a specific case or could use help building psychotherapeutic skills.


I have over 30 years of experience and training providing psychotherapy. I offer consultation to other mental health professionals on current cases as well as Private Practice Development and Marketing.


Therapists benefit from case consultation or “peer supervision”. This involves discussing a client’s issues with another therapist. It is a collaborative process. The therapist seeking assistance brings in questions, concerns, and possible countertransference concerns. Countertransference involves the therapist’s reaction to the patient which can provide essential information about how the client may interact with others or clues to thoughts and feelings of which the client is not yet aware. Countertransference may also refer to the feelings stirred up in the therapist by the client that have to do with the therapist’s own personal history.

Newer mental health professionals seek supervision as one of the best ways to add knowledge about the doing of psychotherapy.  Experienced clinicians seek supervision when they feel stuck, run into an issue with which they have not had previous experience, or would like to build or deepen their repertoire of psychotherapy skills. Supervision can be brief or ongoing. The benefit of Supervision for a conscientious therapist never really stops.

Therapists are human beings and we can get into ruts in how we interact with our clients or what issues we focus on. As we give our clients perspective on their lives, supervision gives a therapist perspective on their work with their clients.


Most therapists don’t learn how to develop and run a private practice, nor to develop the referral sources necessary to develop and maintain patients.


If you are a mental health professional looking for assistance, I would be glad to help. I have experience supervision both new professionals for licensure and experienced clinicians looking for additonal resources. Seeking supervision makes good sense for providing our clients the best possible treatment.