Overcoming Insomnia

One of my specialties is helping people to Overcome Insomnia. Insomnia means having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early. Insomnia starts for various reasons but may in part continue because of the ways you try to cope with not sleeping. For instance, you may find yourself trying to adapt in various ways like frequently checking the clock when you can’t sleep or caffeinating yourself during the day to stay awake. Understandably you may have many negative feelings about not being able to sleep which only serve to keep you from sleeping.

There are many lists of the DO’s and DON”Ts about getting a good night’s sleep, but that alone is often not enough to turn around Insomnia. You might have tried a few or even all of them and if they didn’t seem to work you might have given up. It is hard on your own to know if you are using this advice effectively and very hard to change how you feel on your own. That is where counseling for Insomnia comes in.

I have become an expert at helping people sleep with a program called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It is a five session program proven to work 85% of the time. This is non-drug talking therapy for Overcoming Insomnia and recommended by many doctors.