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Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy


If you have ever suffered with depressed feelings, you know how it feels when your thoughts are controlling you and you feel powerless to make it different. Often, with depression comes a parade of negative thoughts, i.e. putting yourself down, thinking people are critical of you, feeling like you are worthless… The negativity can go on and on until you feel like you have sunken into a hole so deeply that you will never get out. I know from my experience listening to people suffering with depression how deeply painful these kinds of feelings are. I can offer my hope, though, that with psychotherapy you can learn to see a different perspective that will help you build a ladder to climb out of that hole you are in, enabling you to climb OUT of that depression. I have seen psychotherapy help with depression time and time again. I know that it works. Let me loan you my hope that if you commit to put in the hard work of therapy it will pay you dividends for a lifetime.